Here’s a list of all the writing this site has hosted in the past, from newest to oldest. Cheers for reading.

Phantom Thread, Love, Confrontation
Bill Snow Wanted Better
How Many Ninas?
The Greatest Horror Ever Written
The Elephant Show
Look! The Job Isn’t Done Yet.
The Australian Human Rights Story
Loving Vincent – The Imperative to Care
Why Drake’s Philosophy Is Shit
Identity: Make It, Don’t Buy It
Dunkirk: Abandon War
The Benefits of Inclusion: Please Explain
Wikipedia & the Commons
A Brief History Of Violence (Dear America)
Nuclear Country Music Festival
Who Are The Party Lines Drawn For?
The Reshuffle
Nihilo Ex Machina
A Fidelity to What?
The Chinese Have a Saying…
A Radical Conception of Love
Navigating Being
The Human Voice
Diagnosing a Neurotic Public
The Infinite Demand of Democracy
Lacan – Errors in Perspective
The World as the Titanic Sunk
On Fashion